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About Edsby

Whether you’re a teacher who wants to communicate with your students, a parent who wants to help your kids plan their homework, a principal who wants to know how the school is running or a student who has to show their parent that they really have done their homework, Edsby is here to help.

Edsby gets people engaged

Edsby helps you engage the entire education community. By getting the whole community engaged, everyone can reach their true potential and the results will be amazing.

Edsby keeps you in the loop

Edsby helps you elevate the conversations that happen today to a new level. Edsby provides new tools to help conversations flow naturally and makes sure that you stay in the loop and don’t feel left out. It’s better for you, and it leads to better results.

Edsby knows what you need

Edsby understands the needs of students, teachers, administrators and parents and gives you the tools that you need. Just click on the appropriate icon at the top of this page for a detailed description of how Edsby can help. Finally, someone to make your day easier, not harder.

Edsby is built right for today’s schools

As good as Edsby is, he’s never going to be able to help your school without fitting into your existing information technology infrastructure. If you’re a school IT professional, we’ll enable you to deliver the power of Edsby by integrating with your existing technology stack.

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