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Edsby For Administrators

It can be hard managing a school. There’s a lot happening with the kids, not to mention the teachers and parents. Add in a full raft of after-school activities, field trips and the occasional emergency and it’s no wonder that you feel frazzled.

Edsby is here to help with all that.. A single login takes you right to the home screen, where Edsby pulls together the information that you need.

Edsby shows you recent school activity

principal.pngEdsby automatically tracks, filters and displays recent and relevant activity for all of the kids in your school. Right from the home screen, you see the updates that you need. Never feel left out of the loop again. Edsby shows you what you need to know. Whether it’s changes to a student’s address, a teacher posting a mark, or a discipline event you’ll see the notification in your activity feed. And with a single click you can jump to our powerful Edsbyzoom tool for more information.

See an overview of the  students, teachers and courses at your school

The Edsby home screen for principals and staff shows at a glance what’s going on right now. See how many students and staff are absent, see how many classes are being taught, see what field trips are happening. And even better, you can click on any of these items and use our powerful Edsbyzoom tool to automatically drill down for more information. Need to find a teacher with a spare next period? Need to find out what class a particular student is in right now? Need to find out whether maintenance can go into a particular room? Edsbyzoom can tell you.

Edsbyzoom also lets you filter and sort students by mark, class, teacher, and a host of other tags and badges, such as peanut allergies or IEP. Our tool puts you in charge. And once you’ve found the set of students you’re interested in, Edsbyoom provides powerful data analysis tools so you can track, identify and plan for kids at risk.

Edsby helps you publish school news

Edsby includes a fast and easy tool for sending school news out to your whole school community. One of the great features in Edsby is that students and teachers can write draft messages for the news feed, but Edsby will only publish them after they are approved by you.

Edsby provides Safe, Secure, Spam-free private conversations

Edsby provides the perfect tool for quick conversations with students, colleagues and parents. We’ve also incorporated a one-click mail tool that’s perfect for sending out marks and information to large groups of students and parents.

Edsby provides groups for every interest

Edsby groups offer safe, secure and convenient locations for discussions, teams and clubs. Edsby also automatically adds places for professional development, allowing you to connect with colleagues in your areas of expertise.

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