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Edsby for Parents

We know that you want to be the best parent you can be. But it’s sometimes hard to keep up with everything that’s happening at school. That’s where Edsby comes in. When you log in to Edsby, the first thing you see is your home screen. Edsby automatically pulls together information about each of your kids and presents it in a clear, easy-to-understand format. And don’t worry, Edsby makes sure that this information is safe and secure.

Edsby shows you how each child is doing

For each of your kids, you’ll see a list of each course they are taking. Edsby shows the name of the teacher and an average if it’s available. Edsby also shows you the Performance Indicator, so you can see at a glance see how their performance in each course stacks up — from Excellent to Needs Improvement.


Edsby lets you see each child’s school calendar

Edsby knows that you’ve got a lot of things to juggle in your busy day. On top of that, you also have to help your kids manage their days as well (because, lets face it, we all know that at their age we weren’t particularly organized either). The good news is that Edsby is here to help. He can’t do your kids’ homework for them, but what he can do is to track and manage the daily activities for each of your kids by showing you all of the events and classes that are scheduled for today, as well as important upcoming events and assignments. Edsby will even automatically remind you when you need to do something.
He really is a helpful guy.

Edsby watches for important activity

Edsby is always working to track, filter and display recent and relevant activity for your kids. You see the updates that you need without having to go look for them. That means that when you log in, you see your the latest marks, notes about assignments, and more. But boring stuff about courses or activities your kids are not enrolled in? Edsby doesn’t bother you with that. He knows that life is busy enough without spam.

Edsby keep you up to date on school news

At the top of your home screen, Edsby shows you important news from your school and your district. Again, he’s helping to keep you in the loop.

Edsby helps you contact a teacher or the office

Edsby is the perfect way to contact a teacher — just hover over the course and click the teachers picture. Edsby also has a fast, easy way to contact the school office. And because it’s in Edsby, it’s fast, it’s secure, and it’s guaranteed.

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