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Edsby For Students

Edsby puts it all together: When you log in, the first thing you see is Edsby’s home screen. When you get there, Edsby has already rounded up all of the information you need for your school day. He wants to help!

Edsby helps you in every class

Right on your home screen, Edsby gives you a list of each class you are enrolled in, and an alert if there are any new messages.

Edsby knows what’s happening in your school & district

You want to know what’s happening, so Edsby lists recent school and district news right on the home screen.

Edsby finds the recent activity you care about

Edsby is always working to track, filter and display recent and relevant activity for all of the classes you are taking.You see the updates that you need without having to go look for them. That means that when you log in, you see your latest marks, notes about your assignments, and more. But boring spam about other classes you’re not even taking? Edsby doesn’t bother you with that.

Edsby helps you manage your day

Edsby know that you’ve got places to go and people to see. Not to mention games to play, calls to make, and books to read. Sadly, you’ve got to do that stuff assigned by school, like assignments and homework. Edsby can’t do your homework for you, but he knows about your timetable and classes, and he shows them on your home page.

Edsby helps you track and manage your daily activities by showing you all of the events and classes that are scheduled for today, as well as important upcoming events and assignments. Edsby will even automatically remind you when you need to do something.

He really is a helpful guy.

Edsby helps you track group interests

Edsby Groups offer safe, secure and convenient locations for discussions, teams  and clubs.

Edsby helps you reclaim your backpack!

One of the greatest things about Edsby is that he allows your school to send stuff to your parents without you having to carry in your backpack. And it’s not just messages… Edsby will even allow your parents to do things like field trip approvals right online, so you never get harassed when your parents forget something. Once more, Edsby is making your life easier. Greener, too.

Edsby works on your mobile devices and smartphones

We know that you love your mobile devices, so we’ve designed Edsby to work really well on your music players and smartphones. That means that you can see all of the class and timetable information, even what assignments are due, right on your iPhone or Android tablet, or other mobile devices.

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