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Training Services

At Aptiris, we understand that a technology investment is only as strong as its users. Even the best software solution can't deliver on its promises unless users and system administrators understand how to use the technology effectively to accomplish their goals.

That's why we offer a wide range of  introductory and advanced training for systems administrators, technical staff and end users: to ensure that you get most out of your investment.

Training Formats

Flexibility is key to helping our customers. We're here to help, with a variety of training options designed to meet different needs and budgets:

  • Live Webinars: Webinars are often used to help users get started, or for targeted updates on specific topics of interest. Webinars are often designed as 45 or 60-minute sessions, with the first half as a presentation and the second half used to answer questions and have discussion.  Webinars provide the benefit of allowing interested users to opt-in, to connect from any location, and may be easily scheduled when needed throughout the year.
  • On Site Group Presentations: On-Site presentations are often used during a new launch as an introduction for staff, as well as for parent or student groups.  Format for group presentations is similar to that for Webinars, with 45, 60, or 90-minute sessions that are divided between presentation of content and time for question-and-answer.  Use of a group presentation often helps to generate excitement about the product and increase comfort, and will provide many end-users with the confidence and incentive to immediately explore new systems further on their own, leveraging the self-guided training tools as needed
  • On Site Instructor-Led User Training: Formal, hands-on training sessions are generally provided to key district personnel, including district- or school-based technology specialists or instructional specialists, support staff, and administrators.  Direct instructor-led training may be extended to all staff if desired. Instructor-led training sessions typically range in length from 2 hours to full days, depending on topic and audience.
  • On-Site Train-The-Trainer Programs: Our Train-The-Trainer program provides hands-on, instructor-led courses to prepare district trainers to run their own training sessions. Each train-the-trainer module is built around delivery of one or more end-user module, with additional background providing insight to trainers about back-end processes, how users from other target audiences, such as Students or Parents, interact with the module, plus instruction on common questions, required preparation, and recommended approaches to teaching the end-user curriculum. This comprehensive view is required to enable district trainers to confidently respond to questions beyond just the components covered in end-user courses.
About our Trainers

Our full-time training staff come from education backgrounds, and are regularly involved with production use and administration of the systems on which we train.  This unique blend of experience in both teaching methods and hands-on systems administration provides a practical perspective that cannot be developed through classroom teaching alone.

Having provided training in both corporate and educational settings, we understand the importance of focused, professional delivery, and how to target a curriculum based on our participants' previous experience and comfort level.

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