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Account Sizes

To receive a quote for migration services we need to know the size of the accounts to be migrated.  Here are three ways you can get this information:

1. For individual accounts
You can look up the size of any individual account as follows:
- Under the "Admin" menu, select "List Directory"
- Search for a user
- Double-click the user's name to open their User Information Form
- Click the "Preferences/Access/Limits" tab
- The "Disk space used" field is shown at the bottom of this tab

2. For all accounts
If you will be migrating all (or most) of the accounts on your server, the easiest way to get disk use information is to send a copy of the diskuse.txt file.  To find this file:
- Log in as Administrator
- Navigate to Reports > Statistics Folder (on some servers this may be Statistics & Billing > Statistics Folder)
- Inside, you'll find "diskuse.txt" -- attach this to a message and send it to us at:

3. For selected accounts
You can use Batch Admin to retrieve disk space used on specific accounts.  The syntax to retrieve UserID and Disk Space Used is:
        GET USER <userid> 1201 1258

To retreive disk use via Batch Admin
- Log in as Administrator
- Create a new message
- In the To: line, enter:  Batch Admin
- In the first line of the body, enter: REPLY
- In subsequent lines ot the body, enter one "GET" command per line,  ex:  GET USER asmith 1201 1258
- Send your message.  The results will be returned to you via a message to the Administrator account.

For convenience, you can use this Excel Spreadsheet to generate your Batch Admin body text.  Be sure to paste from Excel as "Plain Text" when pasting into your FirstClass message body.

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